In harmony…
More than just the last thing on my mind
Every moment lasting on my mind
Passing all this time, total freedom
Souls in sync as immortals meet up
Cordial leaps of love, welcome inside each other
Spiritually inspire insight to incite each other
Just weak stutters
There’s nothing the strong ever said they ever meant
Willing to run far from a place they never went
Where the weather tends to shift with emotions
Show you my intent and my motives
A thought to change or a change of thought?
I write down everything that I think and requote it
A mere gift shared between the seemingly hopeless
A meaning to focus on
Words are symbolic
We make our own language
We speak it and own our songs
Even weakened we hold a bond, no secrets
No codes, no costs
No cons, no abandoning companionship
Like a compass, love leads
Until it finds itself in the compassionate
In harmony…

Find someone who understands your silence.

(Source: anonimouspoet, via mellow-wonder)